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International Freight Forwarding.
Moda Freight Forwarders Limited has partnered with reputable international freight forwarding companies all over the world. This arrangement facilitates door to door forwarding of cargo from and to East Africa to and from any part of the world.

Transit Cargo to Neighbouring Countries
Moda Freight Forwarders Limited provides transit cargo logistics from any part of the world to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Southern Sudan.

Multi Modal Transportation.
Through a contractual arrangement with a reputable transportation company with a fleet of over sixty trucks, Moda Freight Forwarders Limited transports clients cargo from ports of entry and other locations to various destinations covering East African counties e.g Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan.

The benefits to clients include reliability of this fleet arrangement, security of clients cargo and stability in pricing to make clients financial planning easier.

Moda Freight Forwarders Limited uses other modes of transport including Air, railway and Lake Victoria barges and steam boats as appropriate.